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excellent marketing skills

   api exports to multiple countries and regions

   the preparations are mainly cns products, and their sales cover all inland provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in china. the coverage rate of psychiatric hospitals throughout the country is very high, and they have a high reputation. they have many years of good academic exchanges with well-known experts and scholars in the domestic industry.


powerful r & d platform

  dongting pharmaceuticals spends more than 8% of its sales revenue on product research and development every year.

  has a young (average age 31), efficient r & d team.

  supported by fosun pharma's strong r & d platform.

  work closely with universities and research institutes such as peking university and zhejiang university.

  enterprise technology center of hunan province, engineering technology research center of psychotropic drugs of hunan province.


advanced manufacturing capabilities

  dongting pharmaceutical has established a reliable product production system with multiple apis, oral solid preparations and small-volume injection production lines.all products have obtained the national gmp certification, and the tranexamic acid api production line has passed the us fda and eu c0s. 2, japan pmda certification. a sound quality assurance system effectively guarantees that the entire process of product materials is in a controlled state, ensuring that products are safer and more stable.


future plan

  build dongting pharmaceutical into a research and development, production and sales platform for drugs in the neuropsychiatric field of fosun pharma.

  the company will requisition land of nearly 1,000 acres and build an international-level production base of chemical raw materials and intermediates.

  immediate goal: pragmatic foundationestablish a talent team for key positions; strengthen talent development for r & d and business teams.

  medium-term goal: core competitiveness:cultivate the launch of new products into a period of gentle development and build a strong general hospital sales team.

  long-term goal: rapid development periodby 2030, sales revenue will strive to exceed 3 billion yuan; product categories cover all aspects of the central nervous system field.


talent view

  attracting people with development and uniting people with career

  cultivate people by work, evaluate people by performance

  at the same time as the company's rapid development, it provides development space for more outstanding talents, launches the human capital reserve plan, strengthens the construction of talent echelon, and provides a platform for employees to discover value and improve themselves.



  competitive salary regular salary adjustment year-end award project award

  five insurances and one fund transportation subsidy union benefits free working meals training health check departmental activities


training path

 outstanding graduates-core backbone-department heads-reserve of leading figures