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have you heard of schizophrenia?do you know what schizophrenia is?want to know how it was treated?don't look down yet!

what is schizophrenia?baidu encyclopedia tells us that schizophrenia is a group of severe psychiatric disorders of unknown etiology,which usually start slowly or subacutely in young adults,and often manifest as clinically different syndromes,involving perception,thinking,emotion and behavior and other obstacles and inconsistent mental activity.

let's split the above words,we can get the following:

first,schizophrenia is a severe mental illness and is a common mental illness.

second,the disease has various symptoms,and these symptoms can be divided into 4 types in general,namely①sensory disturbance②thinking disorder③affective disorder④will and behavior disorder.

this disease usually develops slowly or subacutely in young adults.

hey,it seems to be a lot clearer,but it seems to be mixed with something slightly strange.what are perceptual,thinking,emotional,and will behavior disorders?what are they doing?

sensory impairment

schizophrenia sensory disturbances are:

1.hallucinations:if you see something invisible,hear inaudible sound,etc.

2.illusion:misperception of the overall attributes of concrete and objective things.we often hear the illusion of the idiom"cup bow snake shadow".

thinking disorder

thinking obstacles can be divided into thinking content obstacles and thinking form obstacles.

the obstacles of thinking form are mainly the obstacles of the association process,such as poor thinking,reduced concepts and vocabulary,empty heads,and i don't know what to say;thinking voice,thinking that my thoughts become sounds,and others can hear them.

the obstacles to the content of thinking are mainly delusions,overvalued ideas,and obsessive ideas,such as delusions:there is a delusion of being victimized,thinking that you are being tracked,being monitored,being slandered,being isolated,etc.related,others are talking about each other when they talk to each other;exaggerated delusions;delusional delusions,etc.

will and behavior disorders

such as lack of will,lack of obvious motivation for any activity,no exact attempts and requirements,no concern for career,no study and work,lack of due initiative and enthusiasm;mental excitement,the entire spiritual activity is significantly enhanced,speech movements increase,but the content is chaotic,weird behaviors,and purposelessness,making it difficult for people to understand;mental suppression,the overall level of mental activity is reduced,speech movements are generally slow and reduced.

affective disorder

lack of emotion,emotional inversion,uncoordinated emotional response,emotional instability,etc.

at the same time,according to whether mental function is diminished or hyperactive,schizophrenia can also be divided into positive symptoms and negative symptoms.

positive symptoms

abnormal or hyperactive mental function,including hallucinations,delusions,obvious obstacles to thinking forms,recurrent behavior disorders,and loss of control.type i schizophrenia is mainly based on positive symptoms.

negative symptoms

decline or lack of mental function,including plain emotions,poor speech,lack of will,no pleasure experience,and impaired attention.type ii schizophrenia is dominated by negative symptoms.

treatment of schizophrenia

after knowing the definition of schizophrenia and its manifestations,you may wonder how schizophrenia is treated.is it the case in some works in the past that a group of medical staff took control of a patient and then injected a sedative?

well ... first of all, the medical staff to control a patient is mainly due to his severe symptoms, behavioral disorders, and the risk of injury. so to protect everyone and to protect the lives of patients, the medical staff need to control the patients and make them quiet come down. but not all patients are like this. as we said above, schizophrenia has various symptoms, positive symptoms will be hyperactive, and negative symptoms will be emotionally indifferent. different patients will have different symptoms, and even the same patients have different symptoms in different periods, and the treatment method needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the patient. however, the treatment of schizophrenia can be divided into medical treatment, psychological treatment and physical treatment.


although drug treatment is the main method for the treatment of schizophrenia,the disease and the pressure of public opinion will inevitably affect the patient's psychology.psychotherapy-assisted medication can help patients correctly recognize the disease and adapt to the current situation.it can also help improve cognition and make patients more willing to take medicine.


physical therapy is the use of physical factors including sound,light,cold,heat,electricity,force(exercise and stress)and other physical factors,such as local or systemic dysfunction or disease,using non-invasive,non-drug treatment.restore the body's original physiological functions.physical treatment of schizophrenia includes modified electroconvulsive therapy(mett)and repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy(rtms).

the above is about schizophrenia and its treatment methods.i hope that through this article,everyone can understand schizophrenia.